Mac version of Player "damaged or incomplete"

Like it says in the title. I have Sierra if that helps.

Hello, sorry for the late response.

Where did you donwload it from? Download section? package?

From the downloads section.

Im the downloads section there are two downloads. Did you try the or the continuous build version?

I downloaded the version

Please retry with the second tab list below, from “Continous builds” and please tell if still does not work for you.

Same result unfortunately…

We don’t know the reason, and after testing with even older macOS versions, this error does not get triggered.

Please try the following and tell us the results, it could be some caching-like issue:

I doubt that’s the reason, none of my other apps give me that error.
I just checked the contents of the .app file and found that the app proper was inside for some reason. It might be the fault of the zip extractor program I use, I’m not sure.