Maniac commands using rm2k

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how can one call the new commands from the Maniac Patch when using rm2k and EasyRPG Player? The latest blog entry indicates that the commands can be used in rm2k games, but I don’t know how that should be possible.

Thanks for your help in advance!

According to EasyRPG Player manual - easyrpg-player(6)

create a file called EasyRPG.ini inside your game folder, edit it with notepad and paste the following lines inside it:


I guess you would also have to copy/paste those commands from Maniac’s 2k3 editor to 2k editor, since it looks like it’s not possible to keep games as 2k when editing them with the Maniac’s 2k3 editor.

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Thanks for the explanation! So I must copy the commands from the 2k3 editor to the 2k editor or switch to 2k3 completely.

You could also use the 2k3 editor and then add to the EasyRPG.ini


to enforce a 2000 engine.

However the conversion to 2003 is not losless so some 2000 data could become corrupted.