Mass/Bulk File Reference/File Association Editing

This is going to be a strange question, but when complete, will this editor have a means of editing large amounts of identical events at once?

Specifically, let’s use an extreme, unrealistic example where there are 400 identical “show picture” commands or “change faceset” commands on a single map.

The reason I ask is because when translating projects from Japanese to English and making them work with the official English/Steam RPG_RT exe, depending on the game, going in and manually editing every occurrence of a Show Picture/etc command which references a Japanese filename is a huge timesink.

As far as I am aware, there are no means of doing this any other way since tinkering with individual map files/editing filenames that are referenced within those just breaks them, taking quickly CTRL+F Find+Replace-ing them off the table.

While EasyRPG Player makes this a non-issue because it reads JP/EN filenames alike, and while I am aware the editor is still in an incomplete state, I wonder how feasible implementing such a feature would be. If there is already some other way to do what I’m talking about, please let me know.

As far as translation is concerned, I believe easyrpg-player can use .po files for translations (at least for the latest builds), and can also replace needed pictures in the game for each language if needed (as mentioned here), however, I wonder as well if the editor will have some “search/replace” on the events in the long run too.

That would imply not using the original RPG_RT.exe, but since the editor would be primarily used for editing games to use with the player, I4m not sure it can be considered an issue (unless I’m overlooking something)

This could of course be added to the Editor wishlist, if not already added.

I also have the idea to make this available as a command line tool, however not worked on this.
E.g. to replace every occurence of pic1 with pic2 on every map:
lcfreplace picture pic1 pic2 *.lmu

However this tool needs some way to be smart to not touch messages etc, but only pictures in this case.