More presentation attitude!

Hello my humble EasyRPG folks! I’m Orochii Zouveleki. My name is sacred, and some people know it: Orlando Marín. I’m Costarrican (and that is in America ->a continent<-, so I’m American >:D). After some… commenting or something like that, I’m going to say “what can i do” (supposedly), I’m a mid-way pixel-artist, I’m not like Frankie, Marina (>:D) nor Evil_Aeris (and other RPG Maker known dudes) (Frankie isn’t in making stuff), but I will do my best :3.
Hope that I could help, at least making a nifty good-looking well done… template x3. Or some fiery monsters, as it is a little hobby of mine.
And also I hope that my… uhhh… not-common way of saying things doesn’t disturb the forum-wide peace :P. As I’m not that normal guy xD, and my mind is in bad terms with reason (at least it seems normally).

See you son, err I mean soon, as I’m single ;D,
Orochii Zouveleki

PD.: As some making saviour said: RPG Maker 2003 rlz! Well that’s not true, but anyway, I have to put it somewhere xd.