(Music) Easyrpg main theme

Iorana everybody.

(Sorry for my bad english). Okay, i was working in some music for easyrpg. I wish to create one of main music theme of Easyrpg (maybe already exists another one, if this is the case, sorry) for testing pruposes. I have only a part of the song done, beacuse i want to see other commentary from here.

Well… here is my work for now. Here comes in two tastes: One in MID version (for player testing pruposes) and another in OGG version (for another pruposes like videos, demos,stream stuff tests and other stuff).


This song doesn’t have a license yet, but i wish to put it an open one.
If you have some comments of the song, or if you wanna change, add, remove or anything you want, you’re welcome. This is the easyrpg theme, not mine :smiley:
And so, if the midi have some issues with Timidity, just tell me (i’m in windows and i can’t test it in timidity right now).

Hope you like it.
Maururu… bye!

PS: Beacuse this is only a demo of the music, the Midi controller event 111 ( the RPG Maker’s loop) is missing yet. I’m want to implement it in the finished song.

Iorana EN.I,

I love the tune, not very melodic but quite enough for a replacement to OpeningX.mid tunes. Of course sounds better in ogg (I love the bank :D). My default system timidity++ .pat instruments sucks but I can hear (I think) all instruments (roland-yamaha bank percussion set seems to be included here), using wildmidi from gstreamer ( wildmidi.sourceforge.net/ ). I played too with Windows under VirtualBox and sounds a bit better.

Internal SDL_mixer timidity does not support velocity (yes, wtf) but EasyRPG might use another midi soft synth for Linux and Mac (Timidity does not support looping, so 111 can’t be triggered easily). We want to migrate to FluidSynth. Supports midi seeking and a lot more functions. SDL_mixer timidity does not support .sf2 and FluidSynth has full SoundFont 2.01 support (including modulation effects).

Hey EN.I

I like the melody, too.

The start reminds me of the following song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY4W2KqVy-w
Sounds nearly the same :).

The melody sounds EPIC :'D. It’s great, the start sounds very melancholic, by these terms I would liked a happier theme, but ANYWAY it’s great xD.
And the percussion is excellent!

Cheers, we have title melody nicer than the opX >:3,
Orochii Zouveleki

Ö! It’s fantastic!