Music issues on EASYRPG (v.0.8 for android) playing Saint Seiya Densetsu

I am playing Saint Seiya Densetsu (a colossal RPG game of over 2GB) using easyrpg player v.08 on tablet, and there are obvious problems with music, which was not the case with version 0.7.
The music is jerky, sometimes slowing down and then speeding up, sometimes croaking and crackling.
Turning frame limit on or off, or turning v-sinc on or off, seems to make no difference.
Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, the music settles on its own, for no apparent reason, until you exit the application, but then starting again everything repeats.
This is a pity because with version 0.7 the music was perfect, but sadly the useful acceleration button was not present, nor was the pleasant bilinear filtering. Has anyone else encountered this problem regarding faulty bgms on v.08 for Android, playing this or other titles?

@Carbonara, since you were so kind and helpful in solving the previous user’s problem, couldn’t you help me too?
By the way, you have a nickname that recalls a delicacy of my dear country.
Thank you for your attention.

The problem with this issue and why I didn’t answered it earlier is that it could simply be a performance issue related to the hardware, hence why the music doesn’t play continuously at full speed and the sound crackles. For a proper comparison, I guess that it would need to be tested on the version 0.8 of the Windows version with a proper hardware. The fact that the version 0.8 has worst performances on your device may come from the Android SAF (see the Android and SAF entry on the latest post of the blog for more info), which makes everything slower on those devices.

Do you have a link for the game somewhere, in case there is a need to check how the music is played on Windows? The name of the game is similar to another Saint Seya game which makes it a bit harder to get, and the game seems to be only posted on a Facebook group, which is not really practical either.

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If it helps, my tablet is an unbranded China-phone, 1600ghz octa-core with 4gb RAM (only 3 available), 32bit Android 11.
Upon rechecking the situation better, it seems that the BGM speeds up and slows down in fits and starts, while v-sync and frame limiter seem to have no influence on the music. But after a few minutes of playing, it seems to fix itself, as if it had finished loading something into memory (simple personal guess). Could this issue be caused by the size of the game’s zip archive, and the thousands (Sic!) of files it contains (another simple guess)?

When you play from a ZIP then the performance shouldn’t be a problem. Our ZIP code loads the entire audio file into memory and then plays it. So except for a hang at the beginning it should run smooth. :thinking:

We also never heard of an issue where the music becomes slower and then faster again. Usually we only hear about stutter. So your problem is something new.

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Thank you for the response. Only solution is for you to try it yourself (the link is above), time permitting. If you want I can post a short mp4 video, assuming it is possible to do so here.

I made a short clip on the fly, but you can immediately see the audio problem. Finally, I showed the video settings of the emulator. I repeat that version 0.7 did not give me any audio issue: I would have preferred it, if not for the lack of graphical filters. :person_shrugging:

okay so for whatever reason the audio buffer of the background music is filled not fast enough.

This is hard to figure out because we have no device that has this issue :confused:

As you already noticed the app runs slower on 0.8 than on 0.7. This was due to a required change by Google that all updated apps must respect otherwise they do not work anymore.

Reason is the Storage Access Framework. We rant about this in the 0.8 blogpost: EasyRPG Player 0.8 “Paralyze” – EasyRPG Blog (search for Android)

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Okay chief, thanks for the explanation. I have a small request, if I may. Could you provide a custom build of v.07 with a graphical (bilinear) filter enabled? As for me, then I would not need other versions.
It would also be useful for those who have the same audio problem as me with v.08. Is it possible, or am I asking too much?

Edit: If this were not possible, I would settle for using android Retroarch with easyrpg core v.0.8: in this case, it works perfectly, without sound issues and with numerous graphical filters that the emulator interface provides. In truth, I am not comfortable with it, but I will have to try to make do with it anyway.

Thanks again.

Sorry, but we have not enough developers to handle such requests. The code between 0.7 and 0.8 is too different.

It is really unfortunate that the Android ecosystem is so fragmented. Too many devices with bugs that cannot we reproduced :confused:

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Okay. Never mind. "Beggars cant be choosers":person_shrugging:
As a last thing, I just have to wait for movies to be finally supported by (Retroarch) easyrpg core.