My Action RPG(2k3) is almost playable,but without audio on Android

Hey there,

I was testing my ARPG on Android and I find that it works well but just if I turn off audio. I tested with change MIDI instead MP3 Music files and i get the same problem. In this game I use many sounds(WAV) for the actions as dash, attack, animations, etc If I turn on audio it produces lag in the action. It seems the problem could be audio libraries. I’d like to show graphic details if you want in a few weeks. I’d love to play my Action RPG on android. I´m so sorry if you don’t understand me very well, my english is intermediate.

I hope you’re fine :slight_smile:

Hey, welcome Izzy.

Thank you for the report. This issue has been detected some weeks ago and the problem is related on how sound effect files are handled. The lag blocks some games, so this issue has priority to be fixed on next updates.

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Thanks fdelapena for your reply, ok I read it and you’re right it’s the same problem. I’ll waiting for the next update and I’ll report how it works.:grin:

I hope you’re fine.

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