My graphical works (filosofiamanga)

Here I will be putting all my graphical work.

First, A picture of a maid with a knife, I will put it on public domain.
It’s only the lineart.

What can I say? I hate it? NO. I love it? Maybe. So I… [spoiler]…as the real judge of the Manglian Spartacus Ephistemic Order of Tree-Headed Saints… (dont think about it please)[/spoiler]will say that it’ pretty good :D. I don’t know why the resizing, but anyway you know why, so I trust you hahahaa. Also I would say that the line is not perfect (some parts are strange and blablabla) but anyway, nothing is perfect :P, neither I (yeah, you thought I was, but sadly, for your misfortune, I’m not).

Anyway, I’m hoping (hope+ing) to see more of your artworks :D,
Orochii Zouveleki

My first Chara, I think it’s perfect for a NPC, what do you think?
Maybe I should change it’s shading, comparing with the 2003 rtp it’s very flat and simple.

What it’s a chara without his Face? XD

Now, the extended versión of NPC_01 (His emotions):


Our lovely leader should free us!

Happy new year everyone.

As a present I gave you the water tile.

Here I left the System image, it need a palette swap, however.