No Savegames created


I downloaded the EasyRPG Player to be ble to play Vampires Dawn 2 in Fullscreen. It worked and I played a bit. When I came back my savegames were nowhere to be found. I tested a little and it seems I am not able to save while using the Player.

Any solutions?


ensure that the game is in a path writable for the current user. You can easily test this via “Right click -> New -> Folder” in the VD2 directory. If you get a confirmation prompt you need admin permissions.

If the game is in “Programme/Program files” file creation is usually forbidden (it works in RPG_RT because RPG_RT is very old, therefore Windows does compatibility magic and redirects the write).

Oh man. Thanks. I could have never guessed that this was the problem

No problem. I will also check why no error is reported when saving fails.