Not sure if this has been documented before

So I’ve been using EasyRPG for almost a year now, and thought it was finally time to show something off.

See, I’m not a useless member of society!

I made a presentation of it on youtube here:
be warned that it does have a minor spoiler for an Off secret, but it doesn’t have to do with the story, so it’s really up to you.

But I’ll go over it real quick:

This is a small bug/glitch that happens with artifical deaths [i.e. scripted events] on Android devices [not sure if it happens elsewhere] where if some sort of Condition is met, and you die at a scripted event [I’ve never had it happen in random enounters, ect.], sometimes this bug will happen where you die and are sent back to the home menu, but instead of the regular title screen, it goes to a weird bugged version of it.

The game over music still plays, and no title graphics appear. If you continue the game, all will be well, but if you click New Game, it will continue your previous script before resseting [example, dying in Ib from a wall hand will do the wall hand again, resulting in imminent death or dying in Off’s Battle Tutorial and skipping the first 3 textboxes of dialouge from The Judge].

These could be used in potental speedruns of these games, but very situational if it would work.

Anyone else ever find this glitch or some other version of it?
DM me on twitter if you need to talk to me, won’t be on here for ~3 days after posting.
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I got footage of it again, did a “New Game”.

It’s on Off, still haven’t gotten it on Ib.

thanks for the report.

We are aware of multiple issues with our teardown routine which is responsible for resetting the Player state when returning to the Title screen.

The bug is tracked here:

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