[NOW OFFICIAL]Non official easyrpg's editor

as you maybe know, official’s project editor is writen with vala and Gtk. Since some users (like me) disliked working with this and the way Gtk renders semmed ugly, i started working on a diferent one using C++ and Qt. It’s still like an empty box with few usable stuff (unlike vala’s official editor, that can edit maps already) but i think i’ts worth of a blog post.

right now, project has a character’s data base and the resourcelist. About GUI i have main window, database, resource manager and import image dialogs. Database is a fine copy of RM2k3’s, but has a switch button to change style to a new and nicer database editor, that even will allow to include custome properties to characters, items, etc.

Nothing else to say, here are some screenshots:

OldSchool Character’s database:

NewStyle Character’s database:

Import image window:

More recently transparent collor is selectable:

EDIT: this editor became official last days. we now have 2 official editors.

i want ideas, how about making posible to select party size?

New scheenshot:

Edit: s8.postimg.org/us7s3xih1/Sin_t_tulo.png

Lastest updates:

Hello everyone, i have more features to share with you:

*) Editor imports RPG Maker 2k/2k3 games.
*) Editor creates new project with a default Database template.
*) Editor suports RpgMaker’s RTP until OpenRTP is released.
*) Editor saves files in native file format.
*) Editor open maps in tabs, by double cliking on the treeview item.

*) No edition avaible.
*) Database is not connected to project data yet.
*) Event edition dialog can’t be opened, but events can be located on the map.

Here is a link to the lastest build. (includes a demo project)

Lastest changes:

Draw with a pen tool.

Here is the same version but from Mega, plus an extra dll that was required and the original pacakge did not include.


Modified Player supporting the Mariano-Format :wink:

As a side effect you get full unicode support for free:

Latest version with the player included, even so the rtp is still required to get the charas resources, facesets and other resources.


I think it is the first time an editor have a map viewer plus an interpreter working.

I hope we manage to complete this project with out changing the technology used this time.

Good job.
Yes, this is by far the most advanced editor yet.

My changes can be found in the mariano editor branch.
I will regularly rebase that one on the current upstream/master. I’m against merging that one yet until the editor is more usuable for the end user. But should be good enough for testing at the moment.

Furthermore I had discussions with MarianoGnu about command line support to make interacting with the player easier.
You can see the idea in the issue.
Especially overwriting the start position (for a “Play from here” function) and skipping the title scene.

New version with command line support

Supported arguments: (besides the normal RPG_RT ones). Hide title is only detected but not implemented.

--test-play - Enable TestPlay mode.
--battle-test [n] - Starts a battle test with monster party [n]
--hide-title - Hides the title background image and centers the command menu
--window - Starts in window mode (incompatible with --fullscreen)

--new-game - Skips the title scene and starts a new game directly
--map-id [n] - Overwrites the map used for new games and uses Map[n].lmu instead (n is padded to four digits)
--position [x] [y] - Overwrites the party start position
--no-audio - Disable audio (if you are listening to music and your operating system doesnt support muting an application, hello XP users)


Starts windowed (–window possible, too), test play mode, new game started directly on Map0010.lmu (or .emu) at position 10x50

Please upload an editor with “Play from here” support :slight_smile:

Note that it is possible that the argument naming changes later.

Some time since last update, lest see what’s new:

-Rectangle and Fill tools works.
-Double-click in a event to edit the start conditions.
-Apply or accept the changes.
-Undo event changes.
-DataBase dialog is complete (not functional).

Nigly builds:
Download the lastest working build for windows here.

Just want to announce, that the Player officially supports the Editor file format now.
Official announcement follows this weekend in the 0.2 release blogpost…

I tried running the binary from Jenkins in Windows, but I get an error about missing Qt libraries (Qt5Multimedia.dll, in particular).

Where do I get the libraries to run this editor?

Edit: Ghabry in the IRC has helped me, I should have downloaded .zip instead of .exe.

By the way, the project creation dialogue looks this way for me:

Probably this is due to the fact I use medium font sizes in Windows (i.e. 120 dpi instead of the default 96).

Known issue, will be solved latter on.

No one but me seems confused on how to use the editor. Is there a tutorial on how to use it somewhere, does it involve coding or something the website says easy rpg but I’ve spent hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong? There are no tutorials on youtube, the wiki, these forums, or anywhere. If anyone could help me I would appreciate it greatly.

Hi Metal98,

The editor is in a early stage of development and it is unusable in the practice for end users. Editor development status is currently stalled (there are no developers on it right now).

Current effort is focused in the game interpreter, editor development depends on several core game interpreter changes before continue working on it.

Also, recently an unexpected English release of the original RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 editors made our own editor lesser urgent, as we can own a legal copy for testing the interpreter, which is more important to have working currently.

Thanks fdelapena ,

Are there any free rpg making engines you know of, that you could recommend to me? I’ve been looking for a good week now and i can’t find any. Even if you don’t have any, I still appreciate your help.

Hi there, great progress with EasyRPG editor. I have been following for a long time. I’m really impressed with how EasyRPG can import my rm2k/2k3 game so well. Excellent job on what has been done so far!

Is there any new update? The last update I downloaded from Jenkins was about 2 months old.

I am unsure of the purpose most people plan to use EasyRPG right now during development but i plan on importing a game I have been working on for also a long time. Some questions…

What are the developers thoughts/progress on EasyRPG interpreting DynRPG functions (mode7, pic pointer etc), Event/Database event editing, In editor test play for code confirmation, what kind of things are outstanding that directly affect coding imported games?

Thank you for your hard work guys. Not sure of other people but i plan to donate when this is complete. Cheers.