[OFF+] Map -1 has parent pointing to itself! [3x]

so this error (the title) shows up when going to a certain boss fight named enoch and idk if its the game or the player bug and after proceeding with the game it results in the game freezing on an image of part of the map

here is the link to the game: OFF+ on Tumblr: OFF+ Beta Update ^3

here is my savegame:
Save14.lsd (16.8 KB)

Hi this issue is fixed in the “continuous build” (available at the bottom of the download page).

I can confim the crash only for 0.8

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Unfortunately, the game still won’t progress even without the yellow error message on pc and using the “continuous build” because the screen still locks to a part of the map after going through the door for the “maze” to get to the boss then going back and proceeding backwards, so I assume this is a bug of the game not the player. Thank you for your time.

Oh you mean this weird snapping. Right, I also saw this but somehow it solved itself after a while. Have to check if this is the game being weird or our Player…

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Oh, so I just need to wait a while when it snapped for it to be fixed. Thank you for the information. I’m playing the game using android by the way.

Wait, how long did you wait for and what’s the exact requirements for it to solve itself/what are the steps you took to solve it because i waited for a good while and it didn’t seem to fix itself?

Sorry I checked this now again: This is a bug in the game. It teleports you inside the wall.

I modified the teleport so it teleports you on a floor. Simply replace the Map0250.lmu with mine:

Map0250.lmu (4.6 KB)

Actually I think that Map0250 isn’t supposed to be used at all because the teleport location makes in general no sense.

But this isn’t a Player bug, I checked through the events.

Alternatively you can free yourself in debug mode: In the Game Browser of our App click on the cogwheel (Settings) next to the game and select “Run in Debug mode”. Then touch the menu icon and choose “edit layout”. In the layout editor add the “walk through walls” button. Then hold this key when you are stuck.

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