OFF problem when saving and quitting (Android)

Everytime i load a saved game, when I previously quit the app my characters gain 500 HP and they never learn any competence skills. Tried with 3 different translation versions. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks for the report, could you give us a few additional information:

  1. Which version do you use? The normal from the Play Store or the version from the Play Store Beta Channel?
  2. Does this happen at any part of the game? Can you give some clear instructions where to save to get this behavior?

I’m using the regular Play Store version.

It happened at the very first save point twice (zone 0 red block) and at the yellow block near the cow shed (zone 1). I ended the game there and quit the app. When i loaded again, The batter had 576 HP and when i obtained Alpha, it is supposed to have 100 HP, but instead had 100/574. I got both to level 8 the first time before i realized something was wrong and they didn’t learn any skills other than Batters first ability.

Thanks, will see if I can reproduce this.

At least the last time I played OFF I didn’t notice this strange behavior.

I was able to reproduce it. Opened an issue:

Thank you, I appreciate your quick response.

The problem was identified and the patch will be part of the 0.5.4 release.
The release is expected in a week or two.

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Thank you! Meanwhile i’ll be playing OFF on the older version of the app. It seems to work fine there.