OpenRTP basis.png

because of the need, i started to make a basis.png replacement to use as a test on testgame and Editor.

Today i ended up the animated part.

The stuff at the right is the textures i was experimenting with to make animations.

Anyway if someone wants to help out with D block or static tiles i’d be glad to make it faster.

By the way, as convenion, i started myself to call files: <ortp_> + <>

Great stuff Gazille, looks nice, it could be integrated in the plain and ugly basis.png I’ve almost done, to have a basic replacement for the TestGame.
Current version:

It’s OK but we should bring proper names because original file names are in Japanese only. Any other file name translations are unofficial and with several translation errors. More info:

Japanese filenames could be a problem on some systems (or filesystems).
No idea what FAT32 is using. Current codepage or UTF16? In that case it would be better to stick to Englisch names.