OpenRTP chara

hello devs, i would like to make charas for your project. I specialize in rpgvx style charas but can also make 2k style ones.

Check out my works here.

I can make at least 1 chara per week. Tell me which one to make (among the RTP) and ill do it right away.


thx for your post.
I like the charsets on your website.

Except Chara1 ( we don’t have any charsets yet. So you can e.g. try to create a charset for Chara2.
It would be also nice to have a FaceSet for Chara1 because we don’t have any FaceSets yet

lol im only good at spriting so i think i cant do the faceset. Ill start working on Chara2-A (the first one of 8) now.

Okay, every contribution is welcome :slight_smile:

While spriting watch out what files are part of the official RTP:

For Chara the RTP-files are only Chara1.png, Chara2.png, Chara3.png and Chara4.png.

I could get my dirty hands on that >8D…

Ahaha, salut,
Orochii Zouveleki