Overlay/bezel during the game


I would like to ask the developers if it is possible to apply an overlay for 16:9 screens and thus cover the side black bars, or if it is possible to add this option. Thank you!!

That sounds like a good idea.

As a workaround you can enable the widescreen hack in the settings (Press F1, go to “Video”, select “Resolution” and pick “WIdescreen”. Then save the config and restart.

It is a hack so it could result in visual glitches. For the best experience get the
“continuous build” from the bottom of the download page EasyRPG: EasyRPG Player

I finally tried the widescreen option, the screen is used with large maps, and it’s not bad, but with maps “standard screen” 320x240 the black (or blue) bands on the sides remain. I hope that in future versions of easyrpg it will be possible to keep the standard rpgmaker format and apply an overlay to cover the sidebands.

The attached screen is what I would like to be able to apply during the game ^^

Thank you!!