Postcards from the Dungeon

Hey All,

I’m Redspark. I own the very tiny indie game company, Dungeon Crawl Software. I’m just taking a quick peek at EasyRPG because I’m interested in using it to build some casual commercial RPGs. Thanks.


Welcome redspark!

Currently EasyRPG Editor code is not usable yet, but you can build projects with RPG Maker 2000/2003 at the moment.

EasyRPG Player is still work in progress but some major features are working. If you want to use some specific parts (Battle system) are being implemented yet: (early WIP video by Ghabry)

We hope speed up the development the next quarter.

Ah. I was hoping to use the editor. RMXP and Ace are the only two I have in the RPG Maker line. It seems I came to RPG Maker too late in the game. :wink:

Well, I’d still like to get familiar with your project to see what I can use when it is completed. Thanks.