Problem about Font

I’m going to translate some game into my native language. But when i run Mikoto Nikki and The Dark Side of Red Riding Hood through Easy RPG Player, it was like:
Mikoto Nikki is fine, but the other is nope. I need change font size or something?

Hello. Which language is this, Vietnamese?

The Player has two built-in fonts and for this language only one of the two fonts seems to provide glyphs, which results in this ugly fallback.

You can change the font in the Database. Switch to the “System” tab in the editor and click the button for changing the system graphic. In the new dialog you will see a font selection. Switch it to the other font and start the game, now it should look correct. (note that any event based system graphic change can alter the font again)

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Wow, it’s worked. Thank you. :slight_smile: