Python Script to make EasyRPG Player true Color support easier

EasyRPG Player Support by default, the only problem that it might not been displayed properly in the original editor, EasyRPG editor might solve this problem in the future, but we could set a placehold at this moment, the following script can help you swap all your placehold with the 32-bit pics when you need making a release.

[py title=“”]
import os

def suf(s, c):
p = s.rfind(‘.’)
s1 = s[0:p]
s2 = s[p:]
return s1 + c + s2

def swap(s):
s_ = suf(s, '')
s2 = suf(s, “$”)
os.rename(s, s
os.rename(s2, s)
os.rename(s_, s2)

F = set()

for root, dirs, files in os.walk(“.”):
for file in files:
for file in files:
if (suf(file, “$”) in F):

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