Qi Nanonote Port?

I was thinking of doing a port of EasyRPG to this platform. It can run Dingoo Packages, but seeing that it includes full keyboard, it would be useful to have both (despite the Nanonote having a Really Small screen)

Hi, reading about a toolchain for nanonote:


Maybe keyboard mapping is like OpenPandora keyboard, mappings for SDL so:

When compiling should include a string define to triger some ifdefs in .h config files, for example #ifdef NANONOTE then map specific keys.

If you can find which keys are interesting to map, there are some config.h or system.h in easyrpg player port to add mappings, if you want to try some SDL key testing and suggest a patch.

Maybe some keys are keyboard-like mapped or joystick mapped, but most probably all sdk keys include arrows are keyboard mappings and not joystick axis or buttons mappings.

I managed to run the Dingux port, since it’s the same os (technically), and same specs, but fails to find the resolution. It’s 320x240 with 16.7M colors. ¿Can the resolution be adjusted before compiling or editing RPG_RT.ini?

AFAIK there is no RPG_RT.ini custom resolution support.

Look at these files:
github.com/EasyRPG/Player/blob/ … /options.h

Note these lines:

SDL does video mode settings here:
github.com/EasyRPG/Player/blob/ … sdl_ui.cpp