Question about Editor on Android

I know that the Editor is currently a work in progress; however, when and if it is finished, are there any plans to make an Android version of that, similar to how an Android version exists for the Player software?
I’m aware of the “Oh, that would be difficult on a touchscreen, so we aren’t doing it” reason for not porting game creation software to Android, but if it were possible (and plausible) from a programming standpoint, this is a suggestion I’d like to make. There are probably people who wouldn’t mind being able to edit their projects when they have downtime, but aren’t at their computers right then.
I understand if this isn’t possible or plausible, but I am curious if it is.
Also, I use a tablet, and I just realized phones are typically much smaller, so it might indeed be harder to use, but I figure something like this might be usable on tablets, with some patience on the part of the person placing map tiles :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, welcome Norsaken. Current Editor is planned to be developed using Qt, most specifically using Qt Widgets. Though it is technically feasible and they are portable into Android, window size limitations make editing not that comfortable, most noticeable on how database layout is designed in the original RPG Maker editor.

Current design has not been tested in small dimensions, but as you point, tablets are still a nice option to consider. But there are other challenges, e.g. how to handle drag to scroll the map, painting, zoom and other user experience and overall interaction things are handled. Because it has special needs for touch interaction, it will require specific handling for touch based interfaces.