<Retroarch EasyRPG bug> Grimm's Hollow missing star glyph?

So the error I’m having is that usually the menu should display this star character to the left of text selections. As seen in this image.

However, when the game is run on my RG351M with the easyRPG retroarch core, the star symbol is a jumbled mess. (New so I can’t attach another image but trust me, it’s just some glitched pixels) Now normally, this wouldn’t be an issue however in this case, whenever that glitched symbol is there and I try to change my selection in a menu, the game drops to 0 frames and stutters. Any fix ideas would be appreciated, thank you!

Hello. Instead of the working picture you could have attached the broken picture.

The version used on RG351M is not officially maintained by us. Could you try to figure out the core version?

Do you use 351ELEC? Based on there repository they still use Player 0.6.1 which is totally outdated. Please ask the maintainers there for an update.

Oh this is really broken in general. I accept this as a bug. Thanks!

I submitted a patch. It will be fixed in the next release on EasyRPG Player.