RetroPie folders

Where should i put the files exactly? I have two folders: games and data(rtp2003). Now my question is, where i should put which files? Don’t know where to put all these files…Hope you can help me

Do you use the libretro core? We can’t give support for the libretro core because it’s not in our code base yet and an unofficial port.

Please ask here instead:

Adding games works like adding Roms (I guess): Add the game directory and launch it through the core.

Through Add Content > Scan Directory in the RetroArch GUI.

The RTP path was not overriden by the port therefore the folders are: /data/rtp/2000/ and /data/rtp/2003/.

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The question is, in which folder i have to put which files? There are many giles and i dont know exactly which one to put in the games/data folder

As I said the RTP for RPG Maker 2000 belongs in /data/rtp/2000/ and the RTP for 2003 in /data/rtp/2003/.

The games whereever you want, but they must extracted (not ZIP, RAR, whatever). A game folder contains RPG_RT.ldb, RPG_RT.ini (and usually RPG_RT.exe). If you see something like Game.exe: This is a XP/VxAce game -> won’t work

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