RMK3/ easyrpg Metroidvania platformer - Demo released

Hello everyone !
I announce that I have published a demo of my metroidvania Platformer project on Itch.io. I developed the game with RM2K3 but it runs smoothly with the easy rpg player. Enjoy !



Only tried for a bit (up to the 2 robotic eye-balls thing), and it sure seems pretty fun, and it works in easyRPG (although after a while, I couldn’t break torches anymore with the sword, unsure what would be the cause.).

I wonder how you pulled that off, RPG Maker 2k3 isn’t really made for those type of games, so that’s impressive!

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Wow …! I can’t believe you could have done this with the RPG 2k3 engine.


I tested the game for a few minutes (I should be working… :P), I didn’t find any bugs. I got to the second “giant” statue and accidentally put “exit game” and it came out without asking me hahaha

I will be attentive to news. Take heart with the development, it is going very well !!

Thank you for your comment. You’re right, I need to add a warning (are you sure y / n) when committing “exit game”. The development of the game continues and some functions are not offered in the demo but yet implemented (such as the Pogo stick jump or a hidden area with ​​a portal. It’s possible to activate Pogo stick jump with the debug mode of rm2k3, u need to activate the switch #38).

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Pogo seems like an excellent addition to me! The truth is that, playing, I felt that it would be a good contribution, so great.

Now I played and finished the demo. I had a good time, in fact, I already want to know what is outside the laboratory: P

I have two suggestions regarding the gameplay:

  1. Is there a way that the “dash” is done with a button instead of using forward-forward? It would be great for someone slow like me: P

  2. Any way to have “short jump”? Anyway, that could be a matter of taste, because at the design level I understand that it is designed so that there is only one type of jump. I’m just asking out of curiosity: P

That would be, very successful with the development, I will be attentive to the next demo or release version.

Hello ! Thanks you for playing !

  1. This is undoubtedly the most formulated request. It is possible that I leave the choice so that the player can bind the dash on a button afterwards.

  2. Non because it is part of the gamedesign / leveldesign and it is also one of the reasons why the double jump is available from the start, although I understand that this choice can be frustrating for a lot of players.

Pogo stick and dimensional portal

  1. Perfect. It would be great to be able to choose a button for the dash.

  2. I understand and is fine with me. I had probably been playing some game that included “short jump” so I missed it, but I think the game works fine anyway with double jump.

Nice to see the pogo and portal hehe

Keep up the good work!