RTP Music Mid

Well, I’m going to post here the music that I’ve made. If you like them, please, say it. If you dislike it, please say because (I’m studying music but I’m not sure if I’m good making it :P). I’ll edit this post adding new songs. And yes, I’m going to call them as RPG MAKER

  1. Title
  2. Airship

I think they are okay. I’m studying music as well. But I’m just good at playing, I’ve never tried to write something. For my part, do more, we will have to see what others think.

At least referring to Title, I think that the introduction is way too long :P, maybe that, and pulishing a little the entonation in the main part (and the tone a little higher), would make it much better ;D.
And about the Airship, well it’s very good, but maybe it needs to be a little more happier :DDDDDDD.
Still, the melodic part is very well done :D, even I can say that xD.

I’m not musician, but my nasty music capability maybe is sufficient to make a little opinion? i hope so,
Orochii Zouveleki

PD.: I’m a hopeless, so if you see 3 times a minute the word hope, don’t hesitate, it’s not there by error hahaha.

Well, first, sorry for my absence. I’m studying and I couldn’t create some music, but I’m going to work on it again.
And I have a proposal.
Why not use classical music or something like that?
In fact, music is public when have passed 100 years for the death of the creator, and the best classical music (Mozart, Beethoveen, Chopin…) It’s FREE and PUBLIC.
For example: The title music: youtube.com/watch?v=63m7AYRaGDM
It sounds GREAT! I’m going to make a recopilation of music that corresponds to RPG Maker music (ex: arship, title…)
And sorry again for my absence :stuck_out_tongue:

Great tip, I remember the Moonlight Sonata, 3rd movement, awesome tune for battles if an ochestral cover is made, because the piece is piano only:


Guitar cover examples:

Xokage, that is a really good idea, I like it.

We will have for sure many different options for the same RTP themes, so for starting we can just add on a 2 columns table all the RTP themes on the first column like Title2 or Battle1, and in the other column all the classic pieces that we think that can replace the RTP themes. Then we can discuss the final choices, when all RTP themes are mapped to at least one classical piece.