RTP Website Features

Hello people!

I’m gonna suggest some features for the RTP Replacement website, from a future contributor point of view.

User Login. This is needed in order to contribute. It would be cool to use the same forum user name and password, but that’s not important to me.

User profile. A short one. Nick, avatar, website, bla bla. Useful for the top list (described in the end of the post).

Graphic assets upload. I really would like to see images of original RPG Maker RTP resources on the left, and the contributed ones on the right. So, all I have to do is download the original RPG Maker picture (right click and download image) and upload a completely new one, respecting size and other stuff. So this page would be a list you can scroll up and down, a fast way of visually identify what’s done and what’s not done. Upload button could be shown to the right, near the contributed stuff.

Sound and music assets upload. The same as in graphic assets, but this time you show a Play button to allow playback of RPG Maker RTP resources and already uploaded Open RTP resources. This way I could find what’s done and what’s not done faster. Also, I could identify what sounds or musics could I make.

Rules. All upload pages should have rules on the top explaining how to contribute, sizes, color restrictions, licenses, etc.

Stats. In each page you could show a percentage of resources covered, for example: 4/8 (50%) chipsets covered. Useful info to encourage people to help complete the Open RTP project.

Voting system. Encourage people to contribute, participate, compete, etc., is a must, in my opinion. Uploaded Open RTP assets could have a “vote this” or “+1” button. Only registered users can vote. They can change the vote, but they can only vote one Open RTP resource per RPG Maker resource, ie, if we have 5 contributed “basis-1” chipsets, an user can vote only one of those 5. He can change his mind if a 6th better resource is uploaded, and change his vote to the new chipset.

Moderators have the last word. Even if a resource is widely voted, moderator will select the resources that fit best with the project. In fact, I’m sure you’ll have to merge several graphic resources in a unique resource. Suppose someone upload only the Alex chara replacement instead of the whole 8 characters set, but it’s the best Alex you have seen in your life. You’ll have to merge that fantastic Alex with the rest of the chosen set.

Top contributors list and credits. This will encourage people to contribute too, I’m sure. For example, Top 10 lists with the most active users, the most voted resources, links to their websites, blogs, etc.

That’s all for now, what do you think?

Sounds good. Further notes:

RTP folder “Picture” should be excluded from the OpenRTP page. (The 2k RTP only has a single cloud image that should be easy to replace). Same for movies (folder is empty and they can use youtube for this ;))

This gave me an idea: The RTP files could be splitted:
FaceSets: 16 faces per file -> split to 16 images
Charset: 96 chars per file -> They are grouped in 3x4 groups -> split in 8 files
Chipset: This is more tricky. Maybe split in Upper and lower layer tiles?

And before merging them it should be checked if the style of all graphics is consistent.

Remember the Report button to warn moderators about copyrighted/unapropiated/inconsistent assets (for example a basis.png where has a table instead of a stair).

Charas faces and battlers are relationated, maybe we can add a feature to link every asset with it’s posible partners.

On the other side, instead of leaving last word to moderators we can include an “ORTP Buldier” where the user selects the resource he wants and automatically creates a zip/rar/tag.gz file to download it (preselecting these files that this user in particular chosed as favorite, and top vote for these assets that was not voted by user) so all the user have to do is to uncompress this file in his game project folder.

I agre with all parts, a badge based system shown in user profiles like OpenGameArt.org might encourage more users to contribute.

Not a priority, but I think some materials could go more deeper: templating for CharSet and FaceSet where possible as a helper. Having basic 80 RTP faces is needed, but a lot of them have shared shapes. Maybe a parts layered compositor is worth to be considered as an utility for these, like VX Ace face generator or Charas Project does.

Maybe it could be useful to create something more general: a site for sharing any EasyRPG/RM2k[3] graphics under free license (not just RTP)? Most RPG Maker sites don’t have a way to show only freely licensed graphics (correct me if I’m wrong!), and OpenGameArt has no way to filter graphics that are suitable only for RM2k[3]/EasyRPG.

I’m planning to develop a site with mentioned features, I hope to have something usable for the first quarter of 2015.