Save game made with EasyRPG contains invalid "battleanim_target" id and will crash RPG_RT.exe

While playing Sternenkindsaga I noticed a weird glitch pertaining a picture overlay that doesn’t quite move right with the map, but is kind of offset. I saved to test how this behaves in RPG_RT.exe (Steam Version) but every time I load this particular save it crashes with the message “Invalid event specified”.
It loads correctly on EasyRPG (Nightly Build from 24th of July).
A previous save made with the same version of EasyRPG loads correctly on RPG_RT and a later save on the same map & position in the game loads perfectly fine. The mentioned picture glitch itself turns out to be the same on RPG_RT.

Here’s a link to the mentioned save files. They should be nearly identical, but Save02.lsd will cause a crash on RPG_RT:

I didn’t even notice at first but the Player shows an error when loading Save02.lsd:
“ShowBattleAnimation: Invalid target Event ID: 147”

I downloaded the current build of lcf2xml.exe and tried fixing the save file myself. These 3 lines seem to be the problem:


I have no idea what these are for but changing “battleanim_active” to ‘F’ fixes the save file and it will load on both engines without error.

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Another weird thing…
The BattleAnimation executed is No. 146 (brunnen1). One of several animations which are repeatedly shown by the parallel process event EV0148. The thing is… this event belongs to the previous map “Map0109: Vorplatz” and not to the map which is loaded in the save file (“Map0042: VorhalleAlcandor”). So of course the event with the id 147 (I guess this is the internal represation of No. 148) is not found.

Did another test.
I entered the map Vorplatz from the west side and immediately entered VorhalleAlcandor, loaded up the custom menu and made a save (Before the 4.x seconds of the animation run out). Another corrupt save file was created with the same problem. I guess the currently playing animation is not reset when changing the map, so this should be an easy fix,
Another thing to note is, that on my first corrupt save certainly more then 4 seconds have passed after entering the second map. But a cutscene was triggered, so I guess this made the animation pause or something…

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Thank you for the investigation and opening the GitHub issue!

Linking it here: Savegame made with EasyRPG can contain invalid “battleanim_target” id and will crash RPG_RT.exe · Issue #2597 · EasyRPG/Player · GitHub