Saves Imported That Are Not Initially Made In EasyRPG Causing Screen Shaking?

I was playing Dream In Dream (an English translation of a Yume Nikki fangame) on my PC, which doesn’t need EasyRPG to run. I decided to import the save to the Android version of EasyRPG, and when I did, loading it up caused screen shaking upon loading the game. The save is working fine on my PC, but just not in the app. Is there any explanation for this? Save attached for any who need it. Save01.lsd (18.9 KB)

You have a save that doesn’t shake on PC but shakes on Android? Oh thats interesting, maybe it helps us to track down the issue.
We thought that we fixed it already but doesn’t seem so :confused:

We track this issue here:

I have checked the source save file multiple times since the error occurred, and it plays perfectly normally when run on desktop without using EasyRPG. I ran it using the desktop version of EasyRPG however and shaking issue persists just like it did on the mobile version.

I don’t know how to view .lsd files, but I’d be willing to presume there would be a difference somewhere if the game was played identically in EasyRPG and RPGMaker.

Could you link us to the version of the game you used? The download link I found is “private”.

Nevermind. We were able to track it down through the other savegames in the linked issue. A fix will be available in the next release of the Player. :slight_smile: