Set the player to work with high resolution

I was wondering If I set some changes for the player, the resolution is really low for this days, i think we should use the RPGMAKER XP mesurese for resources. Having emulated the RM2K is good but I think is time we use a branch for bether graphics. I will do it any way but would the comunity want a copy ?

right now we want to emule games already working, we dont have yet an editor to make games, and emulating RMXP would need a really big refactor.

In a future (not so far, i hope) it’s planned to implement mruby branch, maybe once it’s avaible someone would make scrips to allow import RMXP games, but right now that’s not posible.

Greatener resolution and make more map visible should be easy to do, but games would look diferent from RM2k/3, since there’ll be more visible map on the screen (maybe a part that is not suposed to be visible for desing reasons)

I already have a fix for that XD, I edited the code so the chipset size can be cutom as long as the RM2K format be respected it will work. Do you want a copy? I have the exe compliled.

All I want to do is to fix the resources on 2x the resolution, so the game look bether with out the lag of rezising in real time, besides useing native 2x resolution allow me to include RPMAKER XP resources since the size is no longer a problem, this does not mean how ever that I will be emulating RPMAKER XP is RM2K but with bether graphics =) all on our easy engine.

Well it’s open source so feel free to push your branch somewhere.

When ready we can discuss if (and when) merging that in the real codebase makes sense.

Have in mind that to use that code we would need a full RTP replacement with 2x image size. We still dont have the 1x RTP XD.

By the other hand, we could set a var for a project (or maybe for the RTP) that sets the “high resolution” and use the same executable for both kind of games (high/low).

We already have some parameteres on the options files. =) I had that in mind and added a new one.

To set my script working you just need to midify this on the options files XD

/** Targeted screen default width. */

/** Targeted screen default height. */

/** Working with hi resolutions. default 16 */
#define TITLE_SIZE 32

I need to do a commit I already made a lot of changes.

I will look for az way to set the exe here with the sample project with 2X resurces, is quite fun to see all on hi res…

Here you can donwload the sample game with 2X resolution XD