Setting Up Audio on the Wii U's fork with the Aroma Wuhb

Ok so when I installed Easy RPG on the Wii U homebrew app store the app itself told me to make a folder path on the root of my SD card it goes ‘vol’ → “external01”-> “data”-> “easyrpg-player” and inside my"easyrpg_player" folder is Yume Nikki and another RPG maker game. When Booted up they both play visually perfectly but both games have crashing white noise I can’t seem to fix with this “Timidity” software. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I cant find ANY guides on how to set up the audio properly on timidity

I’m not sure why EasyRPG is already in the WiiU app store.

The WiiU port is not completely finished/tested yet, so issues can occur :confused: Sorry