Setup.ps1 failures on windows

Hi! Trying to get this compiling on windows but I’m stuck.
It seems setup.ps1 fails to extract the SDL2_image and SDL2_mixer archives.

A full log of the output is here:

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

The tar extract errors can be ignored. They are normal.

The real problem is “File zlib-1.2.8.tar.gz not found”. Which is really strange because our upstream repository uses zlib-1.2.11.

Ensure that you really used the master branch of

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Thanks for your help. A re-pull got me on track. I still got the archive out of range but sounds like that’s not an issue?

I also had a few additional clarifications. From the documentation:

  • liblcf is compiled as part of the Player. Extract/Clone liblcf in the lib directory
    To confirm, I clone liblcf from within the Player’s lib folder so I end up with *\easyrpg\Player\lib\liblcf\src* right?
  • Open builds/vs2015/Player.sln in Visual Studio
    I do not have this, but there is an EasyRPG.sln, is this correct?

Edit: From above it looks like my assumptions were correct. I’m able to build the x86 sln now. Thanks!

Thanks for the confirmation that it worked and for the documentation issues.

Though these parts will be gone soon™ because everything is migrated to CMake to reduce maintanance burden (I was the last Windows maintainer and switched to Linux 2 years ago :smiley: )

I’ll have to switch to linux soon. Windows is quite the burden at times. :smiley: