Shift Issue with 7th Stand User

I’m using EasyRpg on my PC, I’ve been playing through the game with fast forward since I’m not really the biggest fan of grinding. Anyways, my issue essentially is that the Shift key isn’t functioning. Now normally what the Shift key does in the 7th is bring up the radio, which is handy when you’re on new game + and your inventory is filled with garbage.

It’s also used in one very important sequence, swap characters.

However the key appears to be rendered inert, I’ve checked the F1 menu to see that it IS mapped properly- it’s just… not registering? I swap back to the original RPG_RT and the shift button works fine there- is there a fix I can get potentially?

Hello, this is a known issue because this game uses a patch for shift instead a recent rpg maker version that supports shift. RPG Maker 2000 Value 1.50 and later supports shift, but this version was not pretty popular (lacking or not pretty popular unofficial translation into English for this version or later before the Steam version), so the game translator instead of using a recent RPG Maker version used the older one and applied the extended keys patch to solve the functionality from the original version. However, this patch is unsupported in EasyRPG yet. It is really rare to find games using this patch. Ideally a fixed translation not using patches would be a better solution, but existing translation with the issue is pretty popular.

In case you get stuck with the Mariah minigame, there is a workaround documented in the following issue comment: