Some little player bugs

I have two bugs at this moment, the first one being that, when I get out of any game at any time through multitask and come back, the screen gets zoomed, which is fixed after closing the game and re-entering.
The other bug is something that happens on Yume 2kki, in a certain place. The place in question is the one you get to when you interact with the shadow lady in the Day and Night Towers. To get there you go from the nexus to the toy world (the blue bricks), then you go south until you find rails, from which you will go right until you find a blue door in a green block, from there there are two sets of stairs, one that go downwards and one that go upwards. To get to that place you have to interact with the shadow lady when you go upstairs. The bug itself doesn’t work directly when you enter, but in that room you can get blocked, in a way that none of the buttons work… In the video this happened after moving the eastern block right and upwards, then none of the buttons seemed to work…
I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but I guess it is, because the only way to “solve it” is rebooting the game. Still, it could be a bad thing if this happened on any other games. I also recall seing this bug long ago on another place. Still I think it was fixed with an update.

Can you test with the latest nightly version from our website?
Reason is we had a similiar issue lately and they might be related.
This bugfix will also be included in our next release in a few days, if the issue persists after that, it is unrelated and needs a different fix.

Well, the screen doesn’t zoom in now, which is awesome. Still, the soft lock is still happening, and as I see, it happens only if I push the left block in the room, whereas in the other side the block can be pushed. Still, if you push it against the corner (and so you only have one direction to leave) it soft locks. Also, PC music doesn’t play anymore when re-entering the computer… Some other things that doesn’t work well on the computer are trying to change the system graphics and sound effects, which doesn’t work all the time, and also, after updating the app I had a weird effect appearing when loading a savefile, this got fixed after reverting to default the settings.
Still, the game shows I have an older version than what I actually have, so I will try deleting the files and downloading them again to see if that was the problem.

Just updated to the latest version. So the recap is:

  • The screen doesn’t zoom after re-entering the game, yay!
  • The soft lock still happens.
  • PC music doesn’t play again if you exit the computer and quickly re-enter it.
  • There was not the weird effect after loading a save file.
  • The option to change effects doesn’t seem to work at first, then it does work. When it doesn’t work it shows an “unknown event id 10005” message, which also appears when you load a save file (probably when loading the save the emulator doesn’t recognize the event, causing it to prevent the player from changing the setting, which works later, when re loading the computer menu?).

Can you reproduce this problem when you start a new game and you never load a savegame? Because then it’s actually a new bug we never had before.

Basicly a savegame contains all events that are currently running and the position in the event code. When the event is not running it won’t be saved (will be reloaded from the map instead when a start-condition is met).
When the broken effects menu is only (once broken) after loading a save it is because the event was already running and was saved and we don’t restore event references correctly so the “this reference” (10005) is lost and this fixed itself when the event restarts. In all other cases it must be a new bug.

Well, the thing is that, when you make a new game, you don’t start on the PC menu, but when you load a save you do. So no, the error doesn’t happen after making a new game…

So you cannot get to that menu without saving and loading?
We try to figure out here, if it is a bug in the savegame code.
From what you have said, it seems like it.

No no, that’s not the bug. Basically, when I load my game I get that “unknown event id 10005” message, at this point I’m already on the computer menu (when you load a save you appear in that menu). Then, on the computer menu there is an option that allows the player to change the visual style of the borders and some more things (normally it is the first option on the second page of the sub menu Tools/Window, in the computer). So the thing is that, when I load my game, I get the unknown event message, and if I go to that option in tools/window directly, after loading the game I get the message again and the pop up menu to change the options doesn’t show.
Still, if I exit the computer and re-enter it, it seems that the option works again.

Okay, so this is related to save game loading only. Thanks for the clarification.

Please test if this version fixes that 10005 issue for you:

Oh, sorry for the late answer, I haven’t been logging in here in some time. Also, for the build, I will check it out, but later, because I don’t have my phone at the moment.

Well, the link has timed out by now. However, we are releasing a new version with this fix shortly on google play.

Afaik the google play version already contains that fix, but as said the next version follows tomorrow which has the fix for sure :smiley:

Well, the fix has solved the problem, so many thanks guys!