Some little problems with Yume 2kki

Well, Easy RPG is an awesome RPG maker 2000/2003 emulator, but of course it has problems with some games, as it is still in development. So I’m here to report a few bugs with the game Yume 2kki.
The two issues I had so far are that, some images are not loaded. This happens for example when you enter to “sound” on the in game’s PC and try to listen to the title screen’s song. It also happens when you try to put a personal wallpaper to the PC. So when this happens the only thing you see is alpha (grey and white squares that show that there is nothing). This normally would happen when you don’t have those files, but after searching a bit on the game’s files, those files are not missing. I’ve tried changing the game’s region, but it still doesn’t work. Of course this isn’t much of a deal, because it doesn’t affect any panorama or else, so the game is still as good as it should be (but it could have problems with more of the game’s content that I haven’t seen yet, as the game is massive). The other problem is a lot more important, because when you create a new game, you already have three effects, that you would normally have to search, etc. Why this is so important? Because it changes gameplay from the PC version in a bad way, because it removes game content. In this game this isn’t much of a deal, but in some other games this bug could appear, breaking some puzzles, breaking some scenes of a game, etc.
So hope this could be solved some day, and hope Easy RPG’s team will see this post, because I already sent them this report some time ago via mail and they never game me an answer!

Could you exactly specify which files are not found?

That sounds really like a bug that must be investigated. Are these effects items or skills? Over which menu are they accesiable? Normal RPG Maker menu or some custom one from Yume2kki? (never played this game).

I looked through the mail box but couldn’t find it. We usually don’t respond to most of the mails because we get too many but usually pick out bugs from them and try to fix them (or create at least issues for them).

We already fixed some Yume2kki bugs, one bug prevented the intro cutscene from starting :wink:

First of all, the files are pc_back.png and Title3.png.
For the second problem the effects are items, that you can access from the classic menu (that I think has only a different skin), at least I think it is not a custom one…
And finally I understand that you guys cant see all the mails that people send you, so dont worry about that! Thanks for replying this quickly, and hope that those two bugs will be fixed someday! Also the version of 2kki I’m playing is 0.104g, but the bug was there since an older version (0.101 I think).

In the item menu I only see “Instructions” and “Glasses”, the Wakeup menu contains “Pinch cheeks” and Status has “Glasses, Empty, Empty, Teru Teru Bozu and Marginal”. Is this to be expected or is something of this wrong?

Can you upload a savegame where you have that wallpaper that lacks a file? (and tell me which one it is of these 4 pages of wallpapers).

All is the same as my game, and the problem is that after starting a new game the only item you have is instructions, and the other effects should be gathered by talking to npc’s while exploring in the game.

We are working on a fix. Here is an explanation of the problems in Yume2kki:

Okay thanks a lot for working on it!

The issue is now fixed and an updated is available in Google Play for the Android version.

Thanks a lot! And keep up the awesome work!

Those issues have seemed to be fixed but im having issues loading a lot of the sound files, like for example many of the warp sounds when entering zones in the nexus. Says the file path and that it may not have been installed correctly. I cant play the music either in the music thingy in game. Says, unknown event with id 10005

Im on the android version

Hello @Zealotsthename, you need to install the Run Time Package (RTP).

hmmm. ill try reinstalling it

Nope no work. Most other games work fine too also some of the music from .flow has distortion sound when somthings loud

Another problem. When I access the Wallpaper menu for the Computer, it automatically tries to interact with the first option. I can provide video example if need be. This makes it impossible to browse the options, as it will always try to make me have the blank background.
To check this, simply make sure the character is awake, then go to the computer. Select the “tools” option, then picture, first option. This may be the translation I’m using, Wolfen’s, which as I can tell is the most up-to-date option.

We are aware of this bug but by now we don’t know why this happens.