Some sfx and maybe future content

Yesterday I made some sound effects using synths, saved
as WAV, some tracks can include more than one SFX because I did some different
pattern length /note changes, etc
With Audacity or another program can be divided and change fade/volume

sounds effects by gadesx pack 1


Those are Amazing! I have some suggestions:

  • Cut the audio right after it stops having sound, that helps reducing the file size.

  • Speaking of reducing size, is it possible to encode those audios on a lower file size?
    OG’s Confusion.wav has 80kb, yours have 1273kb… Maybe @Ghabry can help us on that…

  • Rename the files to have the same naming of the RTP files, e.g.:
    confusion.wav → Confusion.wav
    or magic01.wav → Magic1.wav

  • If you made new files that are extra to the RTP, put them on a different folder, that helps us detecting what is what when replacing the files in OpenRTP database.

  • Put the different suggestions on different files, for those you can give different Names, like:
    magic6-v1.wav, magic6-v2.wav, magic6-v3.wav, etc…

Thanks Gadesx, you did some incredible SFX

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Some synths presets with LFO values or ARPs can result with different sounds every time you play a note, that’s the reason because I’ve added some tracks with multiple sfx, if something can be used, can be selected and modified if it’s necessary. (The big commercial library of Sound Essentials it’s the same, a lot of wave tracks with multiple sfx to choose)
Because I work with synths trying presets, I try to make different sounds, names are only templates.

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Great contribution.

How is the license of these files?

Are these samples based on some kind of sample collection? I saw that you mentioned “Sound Essentials”. Is that the library where you sourced the samples from?

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I guess he meant that the “Sound Essentials” Lib has different audio sources on the same .wav file, and he did the same based on it.

I Managed to compress, remove the silence and break the audio into multiple files through some ffmpeg magic, here are all the files:

now i have to see how those audio files fit the OG ones, comparing them on OpenRTP-CheckList