Standalone game and GPL3 license

The Player repository is under GPL3 license, them if someone publish a standalone game on Google Play using EasyRPG the game must be published under GPL3 license or only the changed code of Player must be published?

Hello @carlsonsantana, it’s just the changed code in Player. Assets and other independent programs included in the same distribution are considered mere aggregation (check GPL FAQ on “mere aggregation”) and are not covered by the binary program license. There are several comercial games with modified Player versions on GitHub already.

Additionally, there’s an issue on the bug tracker adding an exception for platforms with some restrictions, e.g. Steam, though there’s also a middleware called SteamShim, and some NDA-covered console SDKs. All Player developers accepted this change and still not formally published, but likely safe in case you want to publish it on Steam and such.