Hello everyone,

im very new here and have a question about the game Sternenkindsaga.
So I first installed the game on my pc and then put all the data on my phone, but there were some files that ended with .wav .When I copied them my pc said " files are most likely not usable when copied, still copy ?", I as able to convert some of the files while copying them but not all.
When I started the game I always get some notification in-app that some sound or something else can’t be played which is quite annoying as it sometimes blocks a lot of the screen so that I can’t read a dialogue properly, I also get a black screen sometimes or when I opened my questlog for example my game crashed and I had to restart, all of that happened when I started the game new.
Can someone please help me, because I suspect that it’s those .wav files that are making it hard to play this game. I’m from Germany I hope u can understand everything.

I as able to convert some of the files

Please do not convert files on copy. Just because windows wants them as .wma, does not mean other software likes this. We should be able to play them when they are in their original format.
If you have further issues, feel free to report back.

Oh I forgot to mention that I tried this game 2 times, once I did convert them and once I didn’t, both times the game acted the same, still thank you for replying that quick.

Can you tell us exactly what yuo did when the app crashed? This should not happen at all.

it’s not the app, but the game.
I just tried it again but this time nothing happened, I went to the menu in-game and then to my chest and then the game crashed.