Suggestion: New Editor Options

Hello people,

We’re users of the traditional RPG Maker 2000/03 (although we tend to use RM2003 lately) and we think that EasyRPG needs to break some of the limits (for instance 50 images), and other ones which we’re sure that EasyRPG staff have taken into consideration.

Nowadays, we’re developing RPG Maker games, and we would like to think that EasyRPG will offer those improvements in a traditional way, that’s to say, common events, new menu options in the editor, etc.

At the moment, we have no intention to program in RGSS (or EGSS? xD), so we consider that this option will open more possibilities of usage to any RPG Maker user.

In our personal case, we’ve detected the lack of some new options which could be useful (taking into account the old concept of engines) and it could be some kind of option inside DB such as “Replace Title Screen”. People who want to work the originality in RPG Maker games frequently use custom title screens. The idea consists of the opening of a new window in which you can manage your developed maps, choose one of them, and once the game starts, the map chosen will be used as the custon title screen, instead of the default one.

This could be an alternative to use patches (such as BetterAEP) and could offer an option to those users who use the editor “as is”, as an option to people who doesn’t know how to program properly with events and prefer to use Rubi for these things (even as a combination of both, if it would be possible? :P).

We think that it could be a good option, and we know that the editor will be developed later, Fran is going to kill us for this topic etc. But we would like that you take this point into consideration.

Greetings. We’ll wait hopefully for an answer.

PD: We’ll use this topic of other suggestions later, if it could be possible.

Thank you all to make possible EasyRPG! ^^

Hello. New ideas are welcome, and since this’s an opensource project, someone could take your idea and make it work on any time XD.

Right now i’m trying to develop MY OWN editor (not the oficcial located on ) and i’m planing to include mRuby editor and MAYBE Scene Editor, that would allow to modify the Title scene (to include an animated background for example).