Support for accented letters

I don’t know if it’s possible but it would be great for people translating games.

The Player actually got a translation feature a few weeks ago. Is just not documented yet. If you are interested I can provide you with a quick guide :slight_smile:

that’d be interesting if you could, please

This is still kinda experimental, so it is possible that you encounter some bugs.

In your game directory create the following Folder structure: languages/LANGUAGE_NAME (LANGUAGE_NAME can be anything).

In that folder create a file Meta.ini with the following content:

Name=Name of the Language Here
Description=Short Description, e.g. the Author

Now download lcftrans. I guess you use Windows?

At first you will need lcftrans from here:

Open now a command prompt (cmd) in your LANGUAGE_NAME folder. In the Windows explorer you can File -> Open Powershell Here.

Then invoke lcftrans: .\lcftrans -c ..\... For updating your translation later (because you added new events to your game) use .\lcftrans -u ..\.. (never run -c twice, it will overwrite all your work!!!)

Now many Po-Files should appear (3 for the database, 1 per map). Open these files in a Po Editor, e.g. “PoEdit” and start translating.

You can also translate images, sound and music: Just put them in your LANGUAGE_NAME folder mirroring the game folder structure (e.g. when you translate Picture/Pic.png put it in LANGAUGE_NAME/Picture/Pic.png)

When you open the Player you will see a new “Languages” entry in the title scene.

Sometimes the translation is longer/shorter than the original. For this you can put these special commands in the translation text:

  • <easyrpg:delete_page>: The entire message box is removed
  • <easyrpg:new_page>: Halt the output and wait for Enter key (blinking arrow)

What is also missing: We plan to support a “default” translation: When there is a “languages/default” folder the translation is automatically loaded on startup.

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thanks a lot (now it’s time to copy paste the text of 50 maps)

Will it be possible to take “old” translations and merge them in a single game version? Maybe extracting the po-files of every already translated game version and creating a LANGUAGE file and Meta.ini for each one?

Good timing.

I currently work on exactly this feature:

A database merge is quite easy (when the game version is the same!) but events are tricky: I apply some heuristics here.

Due to how this works (the lines in the event differ when the translation has more/less lines than the original) you always have to manually verify the correctness of the merge.

Though compared to a manual merge it still saves around 90%-95% of your time.

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Thanks! I red it but I didn’t fully understand it… the resulting merged file is like a po file with the transaltions already there, right? How do you determine which one is the original and which one the translation?

I will document this on the website ( when the feature is ready in a week or two.

Original and Translation are determined by the command line arguments:


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