[Switch] Player start, but unable ton find any game

I set it up like this:

switch/easyrpg-player (folder with easyrpg-player.nro) /RTP/2000/ (backdrop,battle,…)
and for games : switch/easyrpg-player/[game-name-folder]/(RPG_RT.ldb,RPG_RT.lmt,…) and this Absolutly NOT WORKING! Player start but I only see “instruments” and “RTP” and my games are not displayed … Can you explain to me where did I do something wrong? (These problems appeared after making a whole new emuNAND switch and with the latest AMS Firmware) Thanks.

You mean that you have the games next to instruments and RTP but the games are not displayed?
Not sure to be honest. The game browser just lists what the filesystem returns.

yep. I’m sure the games are where they need to be.
I won’t be surprised if this is linked to latest switch firmwares because it worked on my old installation with the same paths …