Translating a game, that does not use the default title screen

Hearing about both the Maniac Patch and EasyRPG gave me a bit of motivation to start a project with the old makers. I also heard that is possible to create translations with EasyRPG, without creating various copy&paste projects and editing each of them.

Now, I tried around and everything works fine, as long as the game uses the default title screen. But my game skips the default title screen for a selfmade event-based title screen and replaces all other default menus with own menus. This however prevents the player from changing the games language in the first place.
How would one create a translation of their or someone else’s game, if the game in question should skip the default title screen?

Hi, with games using AEP-style (Auto-Enter Patch), that’s indeed a concern. A quick approach without requiring Player code modifications is by providing a launcher that runs easyrpg player from the command line with the --lang argument followed by the language name (folder name), e.g. if the Language folder contains a es_ES, then running easyrpg-player --lang es_ES should do the trick (or Player.exe instead of easyrpg-player on Windows). Details at the easyrpg-player manpages: easyrpg-player(6)

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