Translating a RM2K game (Poedit)

Hello! I hope someone has the patience to help an amateur like me lol.

I followed a tutorial to translate an RM2K game (this tutorial: EasyRPG: EasyRPG Player), and everything went well. However, once I modified the PO file (i.e. once I added my translation, and saved the file), my translation does not appear in the game.
It seems to me that I followed the tutorial well, I created a “languages” folder in the game folder, I also created a subfolder “language name”, as well as the Meta.ini document (that I created with the notepad pre-installed on my computer).

Did I do something wrong? I don’t understand…normally a “translation” option is supposed to appear at game launch, right? It doesn’t appear in my case…

To translate the texts I used “Poedit”, as advised on the tutorial.

Thank you in advance!

sorry you must use the Continuos build from the bottom of the download page: EasyRPG: EasyRPG Player is too old, we are working on a new release…