Trouble with the EasyRPG Player for the web

Hello. I would love to be able to run my games on the web, but I am unable to get it to work. I should mention that I have zero experience with html, and I am essentially feeling my way in the dark. It is very possible that I am making an incredibly basic error.

First of all, you guys should know that the ‘Download this archive’ link on this wiki page is broken. Luckily, I already had the archive on my computer.

I believe that I have everything set up correctly. My game’s files are in the games/default directory, and I have replaced the original RPG_RT.exe with the EasyRPG executable. I have also converted all audio files to ogg vorbis.

When I open index.html in my browser. The player simply displays the ‘Downloading…’ message and does not update.

The console in Chrome displays the following message: “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (I’ve edited this portion of the file path edited out for privacy’s sake) /player-js/DogengamHTML/index-master.js”

Should there be a file called “index-master.js” in the archive? There is one called ‘index.js’. I tried to rename it to index-master.js just to see what would happen and it gave me more errors.

Needless to say I am confused and out of my depth. Any help is very much appreciated!

Hi ihavefivehat!

Sorry, indeed the tarball download link was broken.
I’ve updated the link for now (still provisional), but it is still broken currently because still lacks the preloaded MIDI data file (“”, around 17 MB).
We expect to fix this soon, however there is also a proposal to add small MIDI synthesizer to prevent downloading that huge MIDI instrument data on startup instead.

The MIDI data file you need to download this one: (right click, save as!!!)
If the file does not work with your code, download this one: (right click, save as!!!) ← this one should work with the updated download wiki link.

If you use Firefox (recommended, faster browser with JavaScript), press the F12 key before refreshing the app, go to the console and/or the network tab and check which files are missing.

Sorry for the outdated documentation, nobody complained about it in around 4 months lol.

Thank you for the quick response. I’ve made some progress, but the game is still not working correctly.

Through trial and error, I realized that I can get the Player to run in my browser (hosted on by renaming two of the files in the archive that you provided. The specific files that I renamed are as follows:

‘index.js’ -> ‘index-master.js’
‘index.html.mem’ -> ‘index-master.html.mem’

I am not sure why this works, or if it is even a good idea, but it made a difference.

Anyway, now the files download correctly and the Player opens, but it gives me the error that “The game was not found”.

Here is the debug log:

Or, you can just see for yourself on the game’s page.

It seems that the Player is unable to find the files ‘RPG_RT.ldb’, ‘RPG_RT.ini’, and ‘RPG_RT.lmt’. I have confirmed that those files are definitely present in my ‘games/default’ directory. I’m not sure where to go from here. Perhaps this a problem specific to Any help is welcome!

Also, I am not using any MIDI files. All of my audio is ogg vorbis. Nevertheless, I added the data files you provided just in case.

Good, I forgot to mention the index-master renaming.

About the game to load: if your game folder in games is dogengam (e.g. ), then the url in the iframe src should be somewhat like:

My game folder in games is simply named ‘default’.

I’m unfamiliar with the syntax here. Is ‘?game=’ a way of passing additional information to the program? It seems that always expects the src to be simply the ‘index.html’ file. When I view the page source, the iframe is using src="//" I don’t think I am able to change this.

Is there a work around? I would love to have my RPGMaker 2003 games available on as I really like the platform.

Yes you can pass additional arguments to it. E.g. ?games= will use the folder specified after the “=” instead of default.

Does support PHP? Because the web player will need this to resolve files. We use PHP because even the cheapest hoster offers this.

Do you have a “index.php” in the “games” directory?
Try invoking the index.php directly via "[your_stuff]/games/index.php"
If you get the index.php as a download instead of an empty page the page does not support PHP.

If the page is white try “[your_stuff]/games/?file=./RPG_RT.ldb” this gives you the RPG_RT.ldb for download.

I can’t figure out whether supports php.

The way it works is that you simply upload an archive containing a file called index.html. From there, I assume that’s software unpacks the data, hosts it, and runs the program using ‘index.html’. I’m attracted to the simplicity of this arrangement, but maybe that’s what is causing problems. I don’t know how to invoke index.php directly using


I renamed index.php and reuploaded to itch to see if anything different would happen. I got all of the same errors. So perhaps this means that is, indeed, unable to use php.

Is there a way I can override the need for index.php, and simply point directly to my game’s folder? I’m pretty sure that none of my data files are named in such a way that there would be case or extension conflicts.

Or else, does anybody have a suggestion of another site where I can host these games? I’m not too keen on creating my own website, for a variety of reasons.

Currently we don’t provide a non-PHP solution. The reason for the filefinder is that the database does not have any file information. So System/System can be .png, .bmp or .xyz. The PHP script saves time here because we only need one request.

We discussed a solution in the chat that would also work without any PHP dependencies. But I don’t expect this to be finished before April.

We will report back when we have a better solution.

Ok, well thanks for the help! I think it’s definitely worth looking into, as I know several other people aside from myself who would probably be interested in hosting RPGMaker 2003 games on websites like or Gamejolt. And I’m sure there are more out there.

Hi again ihavefivehat, finally Ghabry added sooner than expected the javascript-only feature. The wiki page and the player-js.tar.gz have been updated to provide support for and other hosts without PHP support.

Setup instructions have been changed, now you need to generate a file (index.json) and upload it with your other game assets.

Please confirm if this works now for you :).

Worked like a charm! Thank you guys so much for all the help.

I had to add a bit of code to index.html in order to give the iframe keyboard focus, but that was an easy fix.

On Chrome, the browser window will still scroll when the player uses the arrow keys, so I had to put in a disclaimer telling people to use full screen mode in that event. This doesn’t happen in Firefox. I don’t know how to fix it, but it’s only a minor problem.

Seriously, thank you again. It feels great to finally have this working.