Turning off the menu option created by translation

I’m currently trying to translate Seraphic Blue into Chinese, and the issue I’m facing right now is the game has a customized title screen. When I created a Language folder, easyRPG created a new menu which overrode the game’s menu like this:


Is there anyway to turn off this feature? I noticed there’s a default folder I can create but that didn’t help.

Hi, currently there is no option, unless you modify the game to skip the title scene. If you only want to use a single language, you could use the skip title event command from Steam RPG Maker 2003.

Another way is to create a System graphic and adding text for them for the window instead until something better gets implemented for these games.

If the game has a multiple languages and you want to allow user to select it, you could use an external game launcher that selects the language by selecting the language by using the command line.

There is a related issue regarding an alternative to select the language from the game itself: