ui_qeventpageWidget.h not found during build

Trying to build easyrpg, but errors. ui_qeventpageWidget.h not found. also other related files. I have some without the ui_ on the front but if I use that it gets several errors compiling.

Hi coosadog,

You need Qt5 libraries and qmake. Run qmake (or qmake-qt5 on some distributions) in the project root to generate the Makefile. Then run make and it will generate the required headers there.

Which operating system are you using? You can try also with Qt Creator and open the EasyRPG-Editor.pro file from the IDE instead of using the command line.

Thanks for your response! I was using Qt Creator when I got the error. Should I try qmake instead? I’m running Ubuntu 13.04 right now. I have all qt dev installed here. I can build and run other apps with Qt Creator.

Also, I am using QT 5.3.2 here.

There have been problems like that in the past. The main developer of the qt editor uses windows and file names are not case-sensitive there.
When building under linux systems the files cannot be found, as some letters are in the wrong case.
There have been commits to fix it, but maybe some file slipped through. You should try to build from git repository again (or use a tarball).

Actually, that file should have been placed in the build directory and it wasn’t. There may be another error that I don’t see. I did qmake and got a different error. I’m running Ubuntu 13.04, which is old and there are no repositories anymore, so I usually have to build dependencies myself. Tomorrow, I’m going to finally upgrade to the latest release so I can get the latest packages and try to get back in sync again. I hate doing it because it’s going to hose up my main development machine for a while until I can straighten it back out. I’ll let you know when I’m back on track.

maybe QtCreator didn’t run qmake automatically, this happened to me sometimes when adding new ui’s. go to QtCreator, right click on EasyRPG-Editor (the project, not the .pro file) and click “Run qmake”

This should fix it. Remember you will also need to build liblcf and place it in the right location.