Vampire Dawn Wont Apear on App

I’m new to the app and heard of Vampires Dawn and decided to downlaod the first game from rpgmaker(dot)net. The problem is that the game won’t appear in the app and i dont know what to do. I have spent the last hour looking for a way to fix this, but can’t seem to find anything here as evryone else seems to have no problem with the game. I was wondering if anyone had an answer to fix this problem for me? This is on android btw.

Hi, is the game a setup? (.exe file)
When it is a setup you must install it on windows first, then transfer it.

It is. I dont have a computer or anything though. Thanks for responding, sorry for the late response.

You can find extracted versions of the game on

Ive found a way to get the game working, thank you for the help though!