Hello there, I’m vgvgf. I am one of the developers of EasyRPG, I am working on the player2 (It’s a refactored player, because player1 was too messy). Well, I’m not working right now on the player, since some time I have been too busy for working on EasyRPG, and I hope to be able to continue the work next month.

I am also working on ARGSS, a similar project to EasyRPG, however it aims to replicate only the player (not the editor) of RPG Maker XP and VX. See:

Regarding, more personal matters:
[ul][li]I’m from Córdoba, Argentina.[/li]
[li]19 years.[/li]
[li]Love games.[/li]
[li]Speak spanish, english and german.[/li]
[li]Have been programing since some years, when I started with Ruby.[/li]
[li]And I’m capitalist.[/li][/ul]

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[]Speak spanish, english and german.
]And I’m capitalist.[/list][/quote]

I didn`t know you speak geran. Too ny thinks for a 19 years old boy.

PS: what do we care if you are capitalist? LOL

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Bienvenido seas, no será lo poco que nos conocemos ya, opino como Gazille, Qué nos importa que seas capitalista? Aparte de que es raro ver un capitalista como hace algo gratis y libre.

Welcome, not how little we know already, I think as Gazille, do we care that you are capitalist? Apart from that it is rare to see a capitalist does something cost-free.

Lol, you people don’t have much sense of humor.

@Seroc, I don’t charge for my other hobbies neither, they’re also cost free :stuck_out_tongue: (I even have to pay for them)

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I do not know the touch of sarcasm in my post, so I put it in writing. It was sarcasm … LOL

wow 19 years and you already had done many things, that’s amazing!
(and i’m only talking about the stuff everybody has seen I don’t know if there are more)

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Welcome vgvgf I’m sure I saw you on another rpg maker forums and own livingdead-old forum… Hmmm, however thanks by your work dude, I ever see the “development section” but nevah wrote there…Why? No idea about code.
-It’s all righ now-