VH1 image errors (violated heroine)

Pls help i can’t seem to fix the image errors. If anyone can help tall me how to fix this issue.

same, i just posted a request for help. im running easyrpg on linux

on which platform do you have the problem? I guess you mean missing RTP assets?
You have to get the English RTP from rpgmakerweb.com and extract it into /easyrpg/rtp/2000 on Android.

linux. so just extract the english files into the jap files and over write??

How do I extract it to my phone and where can I download it
eadit: also my phone is a huawei phone

back when i was using windows, i would install the jap version of rtp 2000. with that all you would need to do is copy the contents of the rtp folder and transfer it to your game. a quick edit to RPG_RT.ini and bam! all good to go. just make sure the game is saved in the easyrpg game folder and open the app

Where can I find the RTP folder also how do I edit the RPG_RT.INI

Is there a tutorial on this??

i only know how to find it if you installed it on a pc. with that being said, go into your Program Files (x86) and look for a folder called ASCII, inside that is RPG2000, and inside that is RTP. copy the contents of that folder to your game

Ok so do I put it in the rtp folder or game folder of easy rpg

add the jap rtp files to your actual game

Thanks I well ask if I have anymore problems

Ok so you also said I need to edit the RPG_RT.ini right. So how do I do that also it did not work

When you install the RTP2000 with Wine it should work, if not this is some bug in our code.
Another option is setting the environment variable RPG_RTP_PATH to the folder where the RTP is installed.

Rtp2000 jp or eng and I don’t know how to do the path can you give a stop by stop guide pls


try that. it will work the same for android. just follow the steps for your game, best done on a pc. and edit the file it says to edit. then transfer the game to your android and open it with easyrpg

Thank guys your the best I will ask if I have anymore miss fortune with the game

Will I’m back again why is it always the some image issues…

I’m stuck at the inport part I don’t know what files to remove it just keep on crashing on me

Also do I have to input the rtp in easyrpg /rtp/2000?? To get it to work??