Volunteer for EXFONT replacement

Hi all, EXFONT is this:

EXFONT is a 2 color bitmap used for 52 12x12px glyphs (13 cols, 4 rows, 153x48px total) used for some symbols in RPG Maker 2000/2003. This file is inside RPG_RT.exe and it’s non-free.

Any volunteer to make a free replacement?

Thank you!


Some time ago I made several images for the EXFONT file I use in El Maestro de la Oscuridad 2. I changed completely the original EXFONT file, but the majority of these images are from other games and possibly should not be used for purposes of making an official EXFONT file for EasyRPG. These are the images which I made from scratch and which I’d pleased to share with you ^^

-> Health Points (Puntos de Salud) (It could be quickly converted into a HP image).

-> Magic Points (Puntos de Magia) (Even more easy to convert, inverting letters).

-> Experience Points (Puntos de Experiencia) (Quit E and center the resulting image).

-> [b]Level /b (Change N for L)

-> Money (Dinero) (A small image which supposedly represents some gold pieces and a pile notes)

-> Package (Paquete) (Image which represents those objects which can not be filled in other categories; rare objects [taken from Final Fantasy XII, drops form enemies])

-> Health Magic (Magia de Salud) -> In my game, all kind of magic are represented with a circle containing the kind of magic, but there are several symbols taken from other games.

-> Upgrading Attributes Magic (Magia para aumentar atributos)

-> Downgrading Attributes Magic (Magia para disminuir atributos)

-> Summoning Monster Magic (Magia de Invocación de Monstruos)

I hope these images are useful for you. If I have time I’ll remake the images which can be easy converted into English images.

hi there.

Sir Dark. Remember EasyRPG will be released on MultiLanguage, so EXFONT should be on english (PS, PM, NV, are not qualified), and should be posible to switch the file acording to language (easyrpg shall have all of them) but meanwhile we need an english EXFONT

Hi Gazille ^^

Well, as I said before, I’d remake the images to English if I had time, and well… I had time. xD

These are the English replacements:

And also, I took a image from RPG Maker menu using these EXFONT icons and money icon to see them in game:


Thank you SirDark! As you said, your glyphs are good for customized games and official EXFONT as you said should be same symbol and only changing the design. The example shown is very good for explanation and documentation about usage.

Well in my opinion is better to leave them as that… they are 12x12 pixel sprites each, and look very similar to the Japanese fonts where they probably came from.

Leave them there if anyone wants to use them… but at least offer a better way to use special font icons. Like using a file similar to exfont but with space for more characters or colors. Or simply use icons as XP/VX or both.

chaleeman, the problem is emulate as is the RPG_RT based games already done but we can’t include a literal (verbatim) copy of exfont because it’s a license problem. So we need an alternative version of same glyphs with slight different design. For example, stilized sword with different pixel position, different shield curvature with small variations in central cross, etc.

there you go… I modified the ones that didn’t looked like a font standard

Thank you Chaleeman, that’s the idea :).

To help with remaining glyphs design, some unicode glyphs inside EXFONT exists in Unicode (or similar but unrelated). Try with different Unicode fonts to get an alternative style to EXFONT bitmaps to find better variations.

[size=200]:crossed_swords:[/size] U+2694 CROSSED SWORDS / military term, battleground (on maps), killed in action (unrelated and original is single sword but not exists in Unicode, so just for sword design reference only; in RPG Maker should mean attack)
[size=200]⛨[/size] U+26E8 BLACK CROSS ON SHIELD / hospital (in RPG Maker should mean defense) (I can’t see this symbol with my fonts)
[size=200]:star_of_david:[/size] U+2721 STAR OF DAVID (in RPG Maker should mean magic)
[size=200]☉[/size] U+2609 SUN
[size=200]☽[/size] U+263D FIRST QUARTER MOON
[size=200]☿[/size] U+263F MERCURY
[size=200]♀[/size] U+2640 FEMALE SIGN / Venus
[size=200]♁[/size] U+2641 EARTH
[size=200]♂[/size] U+2642 MALE SIGN / Mars
[size=200]♃[/size] U+2643 JUPITER
[size=200]♄[/size] U+2644 SATURN
[size=200]♅[/size] U+2645 URANUS
[size=200]♆[/size] U+2646 NEPTUNE
[size=200]♇[/size] U+2647 PLUTO
[size=200]:aries:[/size] U+2648 ARIES
[size=200]:taurus:[/size] U+2649 TAURUS
[size=200]:gemini:[/size] U+264A GEMINI
[size=200]:cancer:[/size] U+264B CANCER
[size=200]:leo:[/size] U+264C LEO
[size=200]:virgo:[/size] U+264D VIRGO
[size=200]:libra:[/size] U+264E LIBRA
[size=200]:scorpius:[/size] U+264F SCORPIUS
[size=200]:sagittarius:[/size] U+2650 SAGITTARIUS
[size=200]:capricorn:[/size] U+2651 CAPRICORN
[size=200]:aquarius:[/size] U+2652 AQUARIUS
[size=200]:pisces:[/size] U+2653 PISCES
[size=200]:slight_smile:[/size] U+263A WHITE SMILING FACE (says white because default background is white)
(not Unicode equivalent for neutral face)
(not Unicode equivalent for sad face)
(not Unicode equivalent for drop)
(not Unicode equivalent for two drops)
[size=200]♤[/size] U+2664 WHITE SPADE SUIT
[size=200]:heart:[/size] U+2661 WHITE HEART SUIT
[size=200]♢[/size] U+2662 WHITE DIAMOND SUIT
[size=200]♧[/size] U+2667 WHITE CLUB SUIT
[size=200]:spades:[/size] U+2660 BLACK SPADE SUIT
[size=200]:heart:[/size] U+2665 BLACK HEART SUIT
[size=200]:diamonds:[/size] U+2666 BLACK DIAMOND SUIT
[size=200]:clubs:[/size] U+2663 BLACK CLUB SUIT
[size=200]:skull_and_crossbones:[/size] U+2620 SKULL AND CROSSBONES / poison
[size=200]:latin_cross:[/size] U+271D LATIN CROSS
[size=200]:sunny:[/size] U+2600 BLACK SUN WITH RAYS
(not Unicode equivalent to black first quarter moon, please refer to ☽ shown previously)
[size=200]:black_circle:[/size] U+26AB MEDIUM BLACK CIRCLE / UI symbol for record function (RPG Maker help file says “small yen”)
[size=200]⇧[/size] U+21E7 UPWARDS WHITE ARROW
[size=200]⇨[/size] U+21E8 RIGHTWARDS WHITE ARROW
[size=200]⇩[/size] U+21E9 DOWNWARDS WHITE ARROW
[size=200]⇦[/size] U+21E6 LEFTWARDS WHITE ARROW
[size=200]⬀[/size] U+2B00 NORTH EAST WHITE ARROW
[size=200]⬂[/size] U+2B02 SOUTH EAST WHITE ARROW
[size=200]⬃[/size] U+2B03 SOUTH WEST WHITE ARROW
[size=200]⬁[/size] U+2B01 NORTH WEST WHITE ARROW

If you can’t view glyphs you can see them in these PDF documents:
unicode.org/charts/PDF/U2700.pdf (star of David and latin cross)
unicode.org/charts/PDF/U2190.pdf (arrows)
unicode.org/charts/PDF/U2B00.pdf (arrows)

Most glyphs are available in Unicode and most desktop operating systems does have wide Unicode support. Some of the proposed symbols could be used instead of EXFONT bitmaps but not all systems has installed unicode fonts. EXFONT-like bitmap should be used for any of these glyphs, so a full free replacement of the file should be made.

Hey Delapipol, I have made a Free replacement of that ugly font.

Hey filosofiamanga, thank you very much! Now your version is replacing the old non-free EXFONT :smiley: