Wav Files not working (Nintendo Switch version)

Hi! I´m new to easyRPG Player and have a basic question: does EasyRPG Player support “.wav” sounds?

I made an RPG 2000 game and tried it in my Switch, and everything works fine except for midi music (sounds terrible…) and, more important, all the sound effects that are in “.wav” format are missing, and the log shows this message: “couldn´t play SE Sound/Decision1.wav. Format not supported” whenever a sound should play.

What can i do to fix this?

I´m using version 0.6.2 by the way.

Thanks in advance.

(Sorry for my bad english, it´s not my main language)

Currently we only have a very basic wave file loader on switch, this should be replaced, since it can only decode “standard” wave files.

About midi, we have a few decoders which are used in order, they sound all different.
If there is no patchset/soundfont available there is a synthesizer used, which may sound bad.

Can you give us a demo/download of your game? Then we can look into any issues.

Thanks for your answer!

About wav files, then i hope some day the wave file loader gets updated. I can wait, my game is no yes complete :wink:

About midi, i ended up replacing all midi files with mp3 versions of them to make sure music sounds all the same regardless of the platform being used (Switch, pc, and so on).

I don’t think it is necessary to send a demo, but I appreciate the help and good disposition.

Thanks again for everything